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10 Website Design tips for Lawyers in 2019

Many people search for lawyers online, so you want to make sure your website showcases your company well.

To help ensure these, follow these ten tips and build your site the best you possibly can.

1. User-Friendly Website

For starters, you want to make sure your website is user-friendly. You want everything to load correctly and make sure clients don’t run into any issues while they’re on the site.

2. Complete Contact Information

You also want to make sure you have complete contact information. Clients need to be able to get in touch with you, and you don’t want to have contact information that is incorrect or incomplete.

3. Detailed About Us Section

This section lets clients know all the essential information about your company. You could put anything in this section, including when the company started and how many years you’ve been in business.

4. Attorney Profiles

You’ll be able to write about the attorneys that you work with at the company. Not only will you be able to do a short biography on each attorney, but you can also write about things like where they went to college and how long they’ve been practicing law.

5. Complete Information of Law Services

Most of the time, clients will be looking for lawyers for specific situations, such as custody battle or felony cases. With this being the case, you want to make sure you have a page that has detailed information on what kind of situations you will cover. This will save time for both you and the client.

6. Consistent Blog Posts

Another design tip is to make sure you’re posting consistent blog posts. Having a blog will show clients that you’re interested in staying up to date and that you genuinely care about what you do. Remember, you don’t want to post anything personal about cases or clients because of confidentiality laws, but everything else is game!

7. Professional Look and Colors

Make sure your website looks professional. You don’t want something with colors that are too bright or a bunch of silly designs. Make sure the colors are understated, and the models are something that you would expect from a professional company and not one that caters to children.

8. Let Clients Know How You Can Help

You want potential clients to know that you’re there to help and you want them to know exactly how you can do this. You can let them know about free consultations or any deals you might have going on.

9. Areas Served

Make sure potential clients know what areas you service, so they don’t waste your time or theirs. If there are multiple areas that you service, make sure you have a pretty complete list.

10. FAQ Page

Over time, you’re going to be asked the same questions over and over again. Having an FAQ page can answer all these questions and save time for the potential clients and save them from having to ask them.

ONE400 talks about the importance of attorneys having updated websites. Now that you have read these tips, you should be ready to make a website that will help clients know how dangerous you are to help them and that you take your job and company very seriously.